BEATRIZ BALL Alabaster Vase


Classic blue and white–with a twist! A swirling alabaster richness makes our GLASS Blue and White Alabaster Short Vase (Blue and White) something special. Upholding our company’s handmade tradition, each piece of hand-cast glass is one-of-a-kind and the lively swirling pattern varies from piece to piece. Handsome on its own, the delightful vase looks amazing filled with fresh blooms, or it can be combined with the GLASS Blue and White Alabaster tall Vase (Blue and White) to build a sophisticated blue and white story. With free-flowing abstract patterns of color, these vases marry marvelously with blue and white pieces of a more traditional kind.


  • Made of top-quality glass with a gloss finish, these must-have pieces bring a sophisticated look to any environment
  • Hand-wash

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Tall, Short

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