Sabre Saint-Malo, Stainless steel Set of five cutlery


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Stamped with marine anchors on their handle, Saint-Malo cutlery evokes holidays, sunny days or storms in the middle of summer. We like what they evoke while appreciating the sobriety of stainless steel.

All stainless steel and a seaside motif, a model that we particularly appreciate at Sabre. It’s easy and pretty, sturdy and delicate.

This 5-piece Sabre box is composed of a tablespoon, a table fork, a table knife, a teaspoon and a dessert fork, which will be perfect for enjoying a dessert or an entree. This 5-piece set is the ideal composition for your daily meals.

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The Saint Malo model is dishwasher safe. Remember to open the dishwasher at the end of the cycle. For hand washing, we recommend that you do not use abrasive sponges.

If small rings appear on the blades of the knives, they will be easily removed with a soft cloth and/or white vinegar.

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